A unique listening experience connecting artists with fans.

Music has always been at the heart and core of what we do here at Wayward. Interactive Music is our way of bringing music, art, and design together to create memorable experiences that benefit both artists and fans. Ranging from 3D immersive spaces, playlist generators, web games, and everything in between, we craft custom digital activations that are designed to fit seamlessly into each artist's release campaign and marketing strategy. We've partnered with top streaming services to bring music directly into each experience so fans can listen to new music, follow artists, and save albums directly on the platform of their choice. While fans interact and share, artists boost on-platform engagement and streams that result in long-tail benefits far beyond the initial release.

Connected Services


  • Streaming Audio
  • Playlist Generators
  • Custom Player
  • Album Pre-saves
  • Email Collection
  • Analytics
  • Artist Follows
  • Playlist Follows
  • Library Adds

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