Accept Interactive Fan Experience

Napalm Records

For Accept's latest release, the band's new music was centered around dystopian themes of technology and the fate of humanity. We teamed up with Napalm Records to bring this story to life with an interactive pre-save and release campaign. The experience tapped into the album cover's backstory to immerse fans in a fictional future where they find themselves in the control room of an oppressive AI robot regime. Fans were asked to pre-save the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, or Deezer in order to enter the site. Once inside, clues shared on social media helped fans locate hidden items within the space. New tracks from the album played directly via streaming services as the soundtrack to the experience. As fans unlocked more challenges, they were ultimately able to re-program the AI robot and save humanity! The campaign produced a massive increase in early streams with the pre-save entry, and also boosted band followers on streaming services to drive engagement long after the campaign completed.

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